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Picture of Mike Jackson (with perm)

                Click on here for a picture (full frontal) of me in GrasmerePicture of MJ in Grasmere
and here Picture of scruffy person in untidy house to see me relaxing at home.
There's also a picture of me at home using my computer (68k JPEG).

Lovers of mountains and scenic views might also like to look at pictures of me on top of Scafell Pikes (England's highest mountain) and Snowdon (Wales's highest mountain). Nice we're having weather! Also The U.K.'s highest mountain Ben Nevis (it was misty but dry!). If you prefer hills to people, here's a picture of Ben Nevis by itself.

For more mountains look at my watercolour collection.

If, like me, you are fond of the British Broadcasting Corporation's long running radio soap opera "The Archers", here is a picture of Peggy Woolley (Peggy Archer as was) and me playing Scrabble. I am the one in the bright pullover. In my spare time I wrestle alligators.

For further examples of egocentrism see my conference pictures.

Picture of man with beer in handThis is a picture of me working. Here I am at at Killin near Loch Tay with some research students from Napier University's Object Systems Group . I'm thinking hard about databases.

No cat this piece of java will have to substitute. (Now that Java applets no longer run natively in Java if you want to see anything follow the instructions here.

I am trying to compile a history of Wolverhampton's Methodist Churches.

Some pictures of my student days.

Radio Four appearances:

Radio WM appearances:

Radio Coventry and Worcestershire

Midlands Today 22-01-2014

Sky News 26-07-2014

Midlands Today 26-02-2015

I gave evidence to the Paliamentary Select committee on Science and Technology on the Draft Investigatory Powers Acts see this link for the full hearing. The video below shows my contribution.

Old computers I miss:

I was a member of the University of Wolverhampton's School of Computing and Information Technology's SEED research group.

In 2008 Virgin Media ran a Thriller promotion and used me as Wolverhampton's own Michael Jackson!

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